Ontario Power Generation (OPG)


TESC was engaged by Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to execute remedial work associated with rehabilitating most of the control dam civil/structural components.   The dam is situated in a remote location, without access to vendors or major roads, requiring long travel time. On some occasions, a snow machine was required to get to site until the road was finally cleared.  As such, TESC carefully planned all material and equipment as it was paramount to the success of this project. The project scope included the dismantling, removal and disposal of the existing timber deck and structural steel catwalks. Semi-remedial concrete rehabilitation, which primarily consisted of repairs to the upstream weir-walls and west side pier (upstream side) as well as full height rehabilitation of all control dam gains:
  • Remediate Concrete:
    • Gains (full height) – six (6) locations;
    • Upstream weir wall – two (2) locations (east and west sides);
    • Upstream west side pier – one (1) location;
    • Miscellaneous patch work on deck – two (2) square meters
  • Structural Steel:
    • Galvanized steel platform (existing timber platform replacement) c/w guardrails, kick-plates and serrated grating. Enlarge both sides of platform to improve worker safety and provide efficiency to maintenance activities;
    • Galvanized steel access platform(s) – east and west sides c/w guardrails, kick-plates and serrated grating;
    • Installation of embedded steel angles (or equivalent).
The TESC team designed and installed the coffer dam to successfully hold the water back and to maintain sustainability. Unfortunately, the structural drawings of the dam did not accurately represent what was in the field, but the in-house engineer on the team was readily available to work with the client to resolve this challenge and recommend appropriate changes to keep the project on track, reduce costs and increase efficiencies.    In the end, the project was completed on time and on budget, with zero lost time injuries.

In-house Services Rendered