Cementation/Compass Minerals


Acting as General Contractor, TESC accomplished the construction of the No. 1 Shaft Headframe & Collar House Structural Steel and Cladding Erection at Compass Minerals, Goderich Mine Site #1 and #2 Shaft Relining Project in Goderich, Ontario.  TESC was responsible for erecting all steel for the No.1 Shaft Headframe and Collar House including, but not limited to, structural steel framing, miscellaneous steel, stairs and platforms, some chute/bin work to not interfere with temp set-up, sheave support framing, and collar gates related to the temporary set-up.   TESC also erected all FRP including girts, purlins, roof deck, stairs, handrails, platforms, fixed ladders and cladding. Furthermore, TESC carpenters completed the construction of a masonry block vestibule with an insulated hollow-metal door and metal cladding roof; the removal of metal siding on an existing headframe; demolition of concrete footings and slab; removal and relocation of several FRP doors and frames; construction and demolition of interior temporary demising walls within the owner-occupied spaces to prevent unauthorized access to the work areas and; the installation of protection to eliminate the possibility of damage by adjoining demolition.   Throughout this project, the TESC team was exposed to a very congested and active work site as there is a railroad system running alongside the building.  Additionally, the team experienced extreme weather conditions, such as heavy snow and harsh cold temperatures, while working on this project.   To demonstrate the contractor’s commitment to continuous improvement, TESC treated the client as a partner from the start, where they worked together to reduce costs, resolve challenges and expedite the project.  Consequently, as a target price contract, TESC could lower margins and save the client money.  The project was based on a detailed budget that was developed jointly and fully accessible to both parties; thus, aligning with the client’s objectives.  The project was completed on time and on budget, with zero lost time injuries.

In-house Services Rendered