SNC Lavalin/Vale Canada LTD.


TESC was engaged by Vale to execute the installation of mechanical, piping, electrical, and instrumentation for Vale’s Converter No. 10.  The scope also includes miscellaneous steel (platforms, grating, stairs and handrails), as well as some civil work. The mechanical scope consisted of the following activities:
  • The fabrication and installation of the off-gas flues ductwork and dust collection ductwork;
  • The installation of the converter feed system with ploughs, chutes, feed conveyors, transfer conveyor and retractable feed chute;
  • The installation and alignment of the converter drive system including the pinion, trunnions, and bull gear;
  • The installation of the primary hood and the supply and installation of the secondary hood, including the actuating systems;
  • The installation of a lift gate system, GASPE puncher system, mouth cooling fans, pumps, hydraulic cylinders, mixed flow fan;
  • The installation of the drag conveyor system including hammer mill, blow pot and dust bagging station;
  • The installation of the converter control booth;
  • The installation of three air conditioning units and ductwork for the control booth as well as two switch rooms; and
  • The final setting and alignment of previously installed equipment including the converter, spray chamber, and the flux and scrap bins.
The piping/instrumentation scope involved the following activities:
  • The fabrication and installation of over 12,000 linear feet of pipe from small bore up to 30”;
  • Installation of cooling water system, including cooling water pump room, heat exchangers, and primary cooling to converter hoods;
  • Installation of spray chamber and spray water piping system, including flow and control elements;
  • Blast air, light oil/diesel, steam, oxygen, pneumatic, vacuum, nitrogen, natural gas, hydraulic, lubricating, and instrument air, including all tubing; and
  • The installation of all valves, valve trains pumps and instruments.
The electrical scope comprised the following activities:
  • The supply and installation of electrical equipment including MCCs, VFDs, DCS panels, UPS panels, distribution panels, transformers, junction boxes, control stations, lighting, disconnects, outlets, cable tray, instruments; and
  • The supply and installation of over 16,000 meters of cabling, including power and control cable, automation cable, instrumentation cable, heat trace, fiber optic, Ethernet cable; and
  • Termination and testing of all wiring.
TESC successfully completed this project, achieving zero lost time injuries.

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