Hatch/Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations, A Glencore Company


TESC was selected as the General Contractor for the demolition and removal of existing convertor vessel, including foundations and all associated mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation systems. Once demolished, TESC was tasked with the installation of the new converter system.  This work included all civil, structural steel, mechanical, piping and electrical installations. The civil work involved the installation of rebar, base plates, imbedded steel, form work and concrete to support all mechanical and structural components. The structural steel consisted of support steel for mechanical, piping and electrical components as well as access platforms. The mechanical work comprised of the installation of nearly 1000 feet of large diameter stainless steel duct, installation of a primary hood, secondary off gas hood, drive system including pinion, trunnions, bull gear and converter vessel, control room HVAC unit, and the replacement of the entire feed conveyor system complete with mass flow bins and feeders.  The feed system consisted of four large bins, four bin conveyors, two transfer conveyors and one multi-directional converter feed conveyor.   The conveyors were fully enclosed and a dust collection system, including ducting and hoods, was installed.  The piping system installation included air, natural gas, oxygen, nitrogen, hydraulics, plant water, valve train instrumentation and converter burners. TESC also completed the electrical work consisting of the installation of the DC drive panels, operator booth, console, main control centers, cable tray, junction boxes, control station, disconnect switches, lighting and outlets, power, control and automation cables.  Furthermore, TESC assisted with the commissioning of the entire system. This project demonstrated the contracting company’s multi-trade capabilities and commitment to safety as zero lost time injuries were achieved despite performing the work in a congested environment while the plant was in operation and during a shutdown period.

In-house Services Rendered