KGHM International Ltd.


KGHM International Limited (KGHMI) is in the process of developing the surface infrastructure at the Victoria Mine site, including a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). The overall WWTP project has been divided into three construction phases to facilitate construction while accommodating KGHM planning and budgetary constraints.  In July 2020, TESC was engaged by KGHMI to execute Phase 1: Foundations and Below Grade Works, which included:
  • Site grading
  • Construction of foundations including insulation
  • Foundation penetrations
  • Below slab piping
  • Buried piping
  • Grounding
  • Engineered backfill
  • Exterior concrete slabs
The work was completed on time and on budget while following a strict Health & Safety COVID-19 company protocol, developed to elevate safe work practices and address the guidance of local, provincial, federal, and public health officials.  Due to the success of Phase I, TESC was awarded the remaining phases of the project, which are currently underway and include:
  • Phase 2 – Base building and placement of process equipment.
    • Construction of the building envelope (including steel superstructure)
    • Building insulation and interior cladding
    • Interior walls and doors (including masonry works)
    • Suspended acoustic ceilings
    • Building HVAC, roof drains, plumbing rough-ins for laboratory and control room and washroom fixtures
    • Building electrical and building services
    • Interior and exterior lighting
    • Building life safety and health and safety features (fire suppression, eye washes, safety showers, fall protection features, etc.)
    • Building services controls and instrumentation
    • Placement of process equipment and tanks
    • Interior steelwork including grating, platforms, catwalks, and stairs
    • Exterior hydrant piping and associated foundations at the MBBR tank.
    • The intent is that the building will be constructed to a level that it is suitable for occupancy
  • Phase 3 – Process piping, instrumentation, finishes, and commissioning.
    • Process piping
    • Electrical connections of the process equipment and instrumentation
    • Communications coordination and commissioning
    • Process controls and Instrumentation reviews
    • Overall process start-up, commissioning (including trial operation), training and testing coordination
    • Lab and control room plumbing and fixtures
    • Interior finishes and furnishings not linked to the building (lab equipment, floor, and wall painting, etc.)
The team continues to implement strict health and safety construction practices to deal with the ongoing pandemic. To date, there are no lost time injuries, and despite the increased care measures, the project is on schedule and meeting budgetary requirements.  

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