FNX Mining Company Inc. (KGHM International)


TESC Contracting Company Ltd. was engaged by FNX Mining Company (KGHM) to fabricate, detail, supply, and install all components of the 230 kV Electrical Substation retaining wall, transformer foundation, and dead end structure foundation for Phase 1 of the Victoria Advanced Exploration Project.

The construction of the 230kV Electrical Substation Foundations and Retaining Wall consisted of the following work activities:
  • Mobilization/De-mobilization;
  • Completely clear, strip, and de-grub organics and over-burden overlying competent bedrock;
  • Detail, fabricate, supply and installation of concrete block foundations;
  • Fabricate, supply, and installation of structural facing block units (concrete blocks);
  • Fabricate, supply and installation of geogrid soil reinforcement;
  • Detail, fabricate, supply and installation of rock anchors including cathode protection for anchors and associated materials;
  • Detail, fabricate, supply and installation of drainage collection system;
  • Supply, installation, and compaction of drainage aggregate and wall infill;
  • Supply, installation, and compaction of reinforced structural fill;
  • Fabricate, supply and install non-woven geotextiles;
  • Prepare construction grade for substation foundations;
  • Supply, install, and remove any formwork required;
  • Supply and install reinforcing steel for foundations;
  • Supply and install concrete for foundations;
  • Detail, supply, and install fence (hard barricade) along top of retaining wall and traffic safety barrier back from wall on structural fill;
  • Provide load restricting signage 15m from retaining wall on all access roads; and
  • Supply of all equipment and material to support construction activities.

Despite several changes to scope, the project was completed on budget in December 2015 and achieved zero lost time injuries.

In-house Services Rendered