Aurico Gold Inc./Northgate Minerals


Acting as General Contractor, TESC completed the C120 Substation installation at Young Davidson Mine in Matachewan, Ontario in June 2012.  This project included the supply and install of the substation grounding system; the receipt, lifting and setting of electrical equipment and building modules in substation; the design, supply and install of switchyard bus work; the supply and placement of back fill from the rough elevation; the installation and connection of cable raceway and all exterior cables; the connection of 115kV transmission line; the connection of two 15kV distribution lines; emergency generators; substation building – reconnection of all cables, equipment and support items required to make building functional; supply and installation of exterior lighting; supply and installation of fencing; supply, installation and commissioning of telephone lines; commissioning of substation; relay programming and additional cable in substation.  This project was completed on time and on budget, with zero lost time injuries.

In-house Services Rendered