TESC is highly committed to the health and safety of its employees, subcontractors, and all others associated with the company; their health and safety comes first. TESC is a ISNET World registered company with a Grade A rating. Effective development and maintenance of a health and safety management system is a proactive approach to eliminating workplace injuries and illnesses. The company’s ISNET registration and eCompliance implementation reflect its commitment to a strong culture of safety, thus attracting safety-conscious workers and giving TESC a competitive advantage. 
The TESC EHS program includes a partnership with eCompliance to implement a Mobile Safety Management System that monitors the safety performance of job activities.  This system examines the number of safety activities executed on a project and identifies any incident trends. It also assists Project Managers to proactively develop corrective and preventative actions to eliminate any of the identified trends. With eCompliance in place, clients have access to all relevant project safety inspections, reports, audits, training certifications, and policies. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company is committed to keeping its employees safe and to providing construction services at the superior level that its clients require.  TESC has developed a COVID-19 Company Protocol to apply to all operations during the pandemic.   This protocol is a live document as public agency guidelines frequently change in response to the rapidly evolving global challenge of COVID-19.  TESC will continue to revise this plan as required. Together with its stakeholders, TESC is observing this situation daily and the company will communicate with its employees, clients, and partners in the event that there is a status change.

Our Safety Highlights

  • COR – Certification of Recognition
  • 2011 Award of Excellence for Safety for Lowest Injury Frequency – Workplace Safety North
  • 2010 Distinguished Achievement in Health and Safety – Ontario General Contractors Association
  • 2008 – 2012 Outstanding Safety Performance – WSIB