Celebrating 40 years of integrated construction services

Posted 20.04.16

1976 marked a year of incredible accomplishments.  The CN Tower hosted its official opening ceremony, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne founded Apple, and our company, TESC Contracting Company Ltd., with only a handful of employees, got to work. It was a good year.

Creating a successful business requires time and perseverance. Fortunately, our founders and their successors are aware of this fact.  TESC was built on one contract, one project, and one job site at a time.

Over the past 40 years, we experienced numerous tough decisions, infinite early mornings, endless phone calls, countless business meetings, significant contracts signed, and thousands of new relationships.

There are two things that keep us moving forward:

Belief in the vision—that a company from a small town in Northern Ontario has what it takes to compete (and win) on an international level; and

Strength in numbers—we pulled together highly-skilled and intelligent people to create a culture that allows our workers to shine on each and every project.

We are here today because we did not let the problems we faced on any given day get in the way of the job we set out to accomplish. Our vision and team have carried us forward and they continue to do so.

Since day one, TESC has been about the people—those who we serve and those who serve alongside us. It is the people in our company, and the people who trust us to bring their projects to life, that have helped us grow to where we are today. The needs of our clients encourage us to expand our abilities and gain knowledge to meet them.  Our team always rises to the challenge.

40 years later, the CN Tower welcomes approximately 1.5 million annual visitors, Apple is dominating the tech world and TESC is a thriving contracting company. Looking ahead to our next milestone, there are many more projects we hope to achieve and there are many more clients we hope to please.  We will continue to work hard to satisfy our clients and reward our workforce.  We are poised to maintain our success and we will forge ahead the same way we made it to 2016: together, one day at a time.
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