TESC Contracting Company Ltd. is COR™ Certified in Ontario

Posted 10.01.14

TESC Contracting Company Ltd. is a Canadian company in business for more than 37 years, providing General Contracting services to the mining, power generation and oil and gas sectors. TESC is driven by a passion for client success, providing a full spectrum of integrated construction services by a team of skilled professionals, the latest equipment and technologies used to execute multi-disciplinary construction projects. After 18 months of intense work, TESC Contracting Co. Ltd. has received a COR™ certification. TESC is the first construction company in Sudbury to achieve this certification. Although TESC is already COR™ certified in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, they were not certified in the province of Ontario. The Certificate of Recognition (COR™) is nationally trademarked and endorsed by participating members of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA), of which the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) is a member. It provides employers with an effective tool to assess their health and safety management system. COR™ is aimed at driving positive workplace behavior and practices that lead to improved performance. It is currently used across Canada and is a pre-qualification requirement for many contractors working in and out of the province on public and private-sector projects. The COR™ program began in Alberta more than 20 years ago. While the bulk of COR™ firms are in construction, the standard is used by major business sectors in Alberta and British Columbia. The Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) is the authority having jurisdiction to grant COR™ in the province of Ontario. The COR™ certification demonstrates to clients that TESC’s health and safety management system has been developed, implemented, and evaluated on an annual basis through comprehensive internal and external audits. The audits include interviews, documentation review, and observation techniques to evaluate how well the employer is able to identify, assess, and control risks to workers. The audit criteria used by COR™ are recognized by industries throughout Canada. By achieving this certification, TESC is part of a nationwide network participating in and promoting health and safety excellence. TESC firmly believes that protecting the health and safety of all workers at all times is the right and only thing to do. Effective development and maintenance of a health and safety management system is a proactive approach to eliminating workplace injuries and illnesses. TESC also believes that the certification reflects a commitment to a strong culture of safety, thus attracting safety-conscious workers and giving TESC a competitive advantage. Clients can be assured that it will bring superior safety practices to the workplace.
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