TESC Press Release

Posted 09.05.16

2016 MARKS CONTRACTING COMPANY MILESTONE TESC Contracting is proud to announce its fortieth year as one of Canada’s leading construction firms. In an era when construction companies come and go, TESC  has achieved four decades of innovation and steady growth. The company will commemorate the occasion with a number of public/staff events and promotional materials throughout the remaining six months. TESC began operations in 1976 with a handful employees, the company’s founder Tom Lachance believed that hard work and understanding their clients would be a major key to success. Current President and CEO Dario Zulich has continued on this tradition of putting the clients first and exceeding expectations.
“The only way you can succeed for forty years is to constantly be listening to your clients and your gut. Think big and achieve bigger. It becomes a lot easier when you build an incredible team around you” Says Zulich
The early success of TESC indicated a growing demand for hands on technically refined skill with critical risk analysis and meticulous safety measures. TESC’s continual upgrading of existing services and methods reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering innovative, powerful, and robust solutions for their clients. “Our success and longevity is due in part to the advanced capabilities and continuous improvement of our company,” states CEO Dario Zulich.
“We’re now a global company. We have offices in Manitoba, and Greater Sudbury. More than millions of people regularly enter the buildings we’ve built, use the power systems we’ve installed and operate the machines we’ve serviced. That’s an impressive thing when you think about it.”
As TESC’s customer base has expanded during its forty-year history, the company has focused on training their specialized staff and consulting with their clients as a prime compliment to their new advanced project management systems. These services help clients stay up to date on the status of their projects.
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